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Brand Presentation

Vinos Divertidos is a personal project which strives to bring wine and fun together, through surprising indigenous

varieties  and family micro-wineries. They elaborate wine which communicates personal stories and transmits a joyful and relax philosophy. These wines are made for young-spirited  individuals, leaders in their environment. 

The project is  a personal journey throughout the Spanish wine regions, in pursuit of the feelings, sensations and

moments which each DO and varieties offer. They try to create unusual and quirky wines, which are really easy to

drink and invites you to enjoy another glass.  We want to be the wine which  encourages friends to have

an improvised  dinner around the table


La Motito.jpg

La Motito

La Moto Garnacha.jpg

La Moto

La Furgo.png.png

La Furgo


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