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Brand Presentation

Mahi means ‘Our work, our craft’, which is the mantra for Mahi wines based in Marlborough, New Zealand. It began life

in 2001 when Brian and Nicola Bicknell decided to fulfill their dream of having their own winery. He decided to make

wines that reflected these differences more clearly and focused on producing single-vineyard wines.

He adopts a very ‘hands off’ approach to his winemaking to allow the fruit to speak of their vineyard characteristics.

The styles tend to show not only varietal definition, but more textured complexity, rather than the fruit-bomb style usually

associated with the region.


말보로 쇼블.png

Sauvignon Blanc
Marlborough, 2023

바운더리 쇼블.png

Boundary Farm Single Vineyard 

Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough 2018

Pinot Gris
Marlborough, 2022


말보로 피노.png

Pinot Noir
Marlborough 2022

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